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Past Events

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The organizational activities of the RCS are widespread. Highlights were:

The first International Semiotics Congress in West Germany, which led to the foundation of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Semiotik Deutsche Gesellschaft für Semiotik DGS in 1976DGS.
The International Workshop on the Systematics, Terminology, and History of Semiotics, which discussed the aims and the structure of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics (editor: T.A. Sebeok, published by Walter de Gruyter, Berlin and New York; 3 volumes, 1986) and Semiotics: A Handbook on the Sign-Theoretic Foundations of Nature and Culture (editors: R. Posner, K. Robering, and T.A. Sebeok, published by Walter de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 3 volumes, 1997f).
The Semantics and Pragmatics of Everyday Gestures
Founding meeting of the International Society for Gesture Studies
Machines and history
9th international Deutschen Gesellschaft für Semiotik
(DGS) congress TU Dresden
SS 2002
Ring lecture: Synesthesia as a Sign Process
Guest lecture: Semiotics and Anthropology
WS 06/07
Ring lecture: Meening in Gesture, Image and Text

Interdisciplinary BGC Colloquium

SS 2008
Ring lecture: Theory of Discourse
SS 2009
Cultural psychologically colloquium: Lecture: Mo, 10. 5. 2009, 6-8pm: Christina Kalampoki (school psychologist): School Psychology in Greece.
WS 09/10
Berliner Arbeitskreis für Kultursemiotik: Olfaktoik

Cultural psychologically colloquium: Lecture by Frank Reinecke: Design preferences in South Korea and Germany - a comparative study of navigation systems Download
SS 2010
IZW Workshop: part A: The interplay of forms of knowledge: Thu, 08.07. and Fri, 09.07. in H 2035 program download

Please visit the following website: Ring lectures.

The RCS also organised twelve other symposiums on the semiotics of language and culture, some of which took place within the framework of the DGS and in cooperation with partners from abroad.

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