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General: research projects

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The research projects carried out at the RCS over recent years include:

  • a comparative analysis of language-specific pretheoretical sign conceptions (Greek, Italian, French, German, English, and Chinese)
  • a systematization of sign concepts for describing the evolution of communicatio
  • an experimental investigation into the temporal and structural aspects of the production of narratives in various channels, media, and codes (simultaneous narration and renarration of a language-free color tone film
  • an experimental investigation into guided acquisition of reading proficiency in foreign languages (including Serbo-Croatian, Persian, Chinese)
  • a comparative semiotic analysis of youth culture in Berlin and Warsaw
  • a historical account of changes in the concepts of emotion in Indoeuropean cultures (based on evidence from language, institutionalized norms, and philosophical literature)
  • a theory of texts (their genres, functions, and structures in all media and channels, i.e. including literature, music, and the arts)
  • an analysis of the context-dependence of perception and cognition (jointly carried out by semioticians, linguists, psychologists and information scientists)
  • a comparison of the hand movements involved in: 1. handling artifacts, 2. simulating (1), 3. teaching (1) and (2), and 4. illustrating verbal utterances about (1), (2) and (3)
  • the design of a system for rendering audible the structures of pieces of music by means of computer software (collaboration of semioticians with mathematicians, information scientists and musicologists
  • the semiotic analysis of driver models used for the simulation of vehicle behavior in traffic engineerin
  • a computational analysis of the sign structures of classical European music with the aim of creating visual and auditory user-interfaces for operating with these structures in music description and performance.

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