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Roland Posner Prof PhD - Biography

Personal Data

Born in Prague, June 30, 1942.

First marriage 1971-2001
with Marlene Landsch; three children: Britta, Astrid, Ingmar

Second marriage 2001-
with Vessela Lozanova, born Yakimova; two children: Alexandra, Grigorii

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Abitur: Leibniz-Gymnasium Düsseldorf (foreign languages: Latin and Greek, English and French) 1962

Philosophicum (state examination in Philosophy and Pedagogy): Universität Bonn  1966

State examination for grammar school teachers (in German Studies and Philosophy): Bonn 1967

Dr. phil., summa cum laude: Technische Universität Berlin 1972

Habilitation (qualification for a professorship with tenure) in Linguistics, General Literature and Philosophy of Language: Technische Universität Berlin 1973

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Professional Career

1968-69: Part-time assistant ("Hilfsassistent") for German Studies, Technische Universität Berlin

1969-70: Research and teaching fellow ("Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter") for Linguistics and German Studies, Technische Universität Berlin

1970-74: Assistant Professor ("Wissenschaftlicher Assistent") of Linguistics, Technische Universität Berlin

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Current Professional Activity

Professor, Chair of Linguistics and Semiotics, Berlin Institute of Technology (since 1975)

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Former Professional Occupations

Guest Professorships: 1973 Universität Hamburg, 1977 Université de Montréal,
1985 Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paolo, 2001 National University Cheju/Korea, 2005 University of Toronto, 2008 South West University at Chongqing/China, 2009 Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland/Ohio

Professor at Linguistic and Semiotic Summer Institutes
1977 in Salzburg, 1979 in Tunis, 1982 in Toronto, 1983 in Estoril/Portugal, 1984 in Mysore/India, 1985 in São Paolo, 1988 in Imatra/Finland, 1992 in Lund, 1995 in Prague, 1995, 2001 and 2003 in Sofia

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Positions in Professional Institutions

1975-80: Head of Department, Institut für Linguistik, Technische Universität Berlin

1975 ff.: Director, Semiotisches Kolloquium Berlin

1976 ff.: Founder and First President of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Semiotik DGS" (German Society for Semiotic Studies)

1976-79: Director of Research Project "Experimental Investigations in Guided Acquisition of Foreign Language Reading Proficiency in Croatian, Serbian, Persian and Japanese", funded by the German National Science Foundation DFG

1978-81: Member of the Inter-University Research Group "Foundations of Science and Ethics", funded by the Volkswagen Foundation

1979 ff.: Founder and Director of "Arbeitsstelle für Semiotik" (Research Center for Semiotics), Technische Universität Berlin

1980-82: Co-Director (with Sabine Kowal) of the Research Project "Linguistic and Pausological Analysis of Narration of a Non-Verbal Color Sound Film as a Basis for Hypotheses about the Processes of Planning and Decision in Language Production", funded by the German National Science Foundation DFG

1980-86: Linguistic Consultant for the Interdisciplinary Research Project on "Dialogue Systems with an Acoustic Natural Language Interface", Technische Universität Berlin

1984-94: Vice-President of the International Association for Semiotic Studies IASS

1985 ff.: Member of Awarding Committee, Tiburtius Prize for extraordinary dissertations

1985 ff.: Member, Committee on Literary Theory, International Comparative Literature Association ICLA

1985-89: Semiotic Consultant for the Interdisciplinary Research Project "Comparative Analysis of Youth Culture in Berlin and Warsaw", Technische Universität Berlin

1986 ff.: Member , International Society for Research on Emotion ISRE

1987 ff.: Permanent Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Wassenaar

1988-89: Semiotic Consultant for the Research Project "Chinese Sign Conceptions and Western Sign Theory", funded by the Volkswagen Foundation

1988 ff.: Ordinary Member, International Esperanto Academy San Marino, Sections Philosophy and Semiotics

1989 ff.: Vice-President of the International Semiotics Institute, Imatra/Finland

1989-94: Member, Selection Committee for academic teachers, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

1993 ff: Ordinary Member of the "Berliner Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft" (Berlin Society of Arts and Sciences)

1993-96: Linguistic Consultant for the Interdisciplinary Research Project "Cognition and Context", Technische Universität Berlin

1993-97: Corresponding Member of the Humanities Research Center "Man and Nature" in Odense/Denmark

1993-98: Organizer of Regular Exchange of professors and students between the Research Center for Semiotics (Berlin) and the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Moscow), funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

1994-98: Co-Director of the Interdisplinary Research Project "Recognition and Simulation of Hand Gestures with the Help of Data Gloves", Technische Universität Berlin

1994-04: President of the International Association for Semiotic Studies IASS

1996 ff.: Honorary Member, Hungarian Society for Semiotic Studies

1996 ff.: Honorary Director of the Master's and Doctoral Programs in Semiotics of the New Bulgarian University in Sofia

1996 ff.: Ordinary Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

1998 ff.: Corresponding Member of the Center for Advanced Research on Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Mysore/India

2000-03: Director of the Berlin Group in the Research Consortium "Cultural Units of Learning: Tools and Services", funded by the European Union

2001 ff.: Corresponding Member of the Center on Violence and Human Survival at the City University of New York

2004-11: Founding Member of the Transatlantic Graduate Research Center ("Graduiertenkolleg") on "The History and Culture of Cities in the 20th Century", Berlin and New York

2005 ff.: Honorary Member of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Semiotik DGS" (German Society for Semiotic Studies)

2005 ff.: Permanent Fellow of the International Communicology Institute at Carbondale/Illinois, USA

2008 ff.: Recognition as Editor of Rank-A Journal "Zeitschrift für Semiotik", European Science Foundation, Strasbourg

2009: Chair of the Evaluation Team for Semiotic Study Programs in Estonia, Tallinn

2009 ff.: Member of the Expert Council of the Center of Excellence in Cultural Theory CECT at the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, Tallinn

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Artistic Activities

Photo Exhibitions

March-April 1991: "Wall Street Gallery". Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

May-June 1991: "Eine Mauer durch Umea". Galerie Brage, Umea/Sweden ("A Wall through Umea")

March-April 1994: "A Forest of Crosses: The National Monument of Lithuania". Baltos Lankos Art Gallery, Vilnius/Lithuania

April-May 1996:    (with Vessela Lozanova): "The Wrapped Reichstag: A Meeting Point of Interpretations". Exhibition and Performance at the American Cultural Center, Sofia

May-June 1997 (with Vessela Lozanova): "Proximity and Distance: Bulgaria in the Midst of Change". Exhibition in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Saloniki

March-April 1998 (with Vessela Lozanova): "Palimpsest: An Intermedial Dialog and Exhibition". Ata Rai Art Gallery, Sofia

June-July 1998    (with Vessela Lozanova): "Errare humanum est ... : S(h)e who wanders deviates". Exhibition at the Summer Institute for Semiotic Studies, University of Urbino/Italy

Nov.-Dec. 1998:    "Structure as Idyll". Göteborg Art Museum

June-August 1999: (with Vessela Lozanova) "Palimpsest: Architektur, die das Leben umschreibt – Malerei und Photographie". Infobox, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin ("Palimpsest: Architecture, Re-writing, Life – Painting and Photography")

March-April 2000: (with Vessela Lozanova) "Himmel, das Parlament – Malerei und Photographie". Bulgarian Embassy, Berlin ("Heavens, the Parliament - Painting and Photography")

Nov. 01-Feb. 02: (with Vessela Posner) "Ikonisch: Eine Meta-Ausstellung zur Kultur des Christentums". Buxtehude Museum ("Iconic: A Meta-Exhibition on the Culture of Christianity")

Jan.-March 2003: (with Vessela Posner) "Leben mit Wasser". Umweltbundesamt Berlin ("Life with Water")

May-June 2004: (with Vessela Posner) "Kräne und andere himmlische Wesen", VZB Grunewald, Berlin ("Cranes and other Heavenly Creatures")

Oct.-Nov. 2008:    „Mirror Chamber“, Latvian Academy of Fine Arts, Riga

March-April 09:    "Die Großstadt als Spiegelsaal – The Metropolis as a Giant Hall of Mirrors". Faculty of Arts, University St. Kyril and Method, Veliko Turnovo/Bulgaria

In preparation:    "Buxtehude: Wie der Wagen des Bürgermeisters das Leben seiner Stadt reflektiert". Buxtehude Museum ("Buxtehude: How the Mayor's Car Reflects the City's Life")

Photo-Book Publications

1990: (with Sabine Kowal) Wall Street Gallery – Eine Bildchronik der Berliner Mauer. Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter ("Wall Street Gallery – A Picture Chronicle of the Berlin Wall").

1994: "Structure as Idyll: The Genesis of Meaning in Nature". In: Winfried Nöth (ed.), Origins of Semiosis – Sign Evolution in Nature and Culture. Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, p. 367-382.

1999: (with Vessela Lozanova) Palimpsest: Architecture, Re-writing, Life – Paintings and Photographs. Berlin: Berlin Verlag Arno Spitz.

In preparation: "Visual Deconstructions of Urban Life: Car Bodies as a Medium of Communication". Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag.

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