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Massimo Serenari PhD - Publications

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Group exhibitions

Participation in group exhibition in the Berlin Academy for the Arts (HdK),  as part of the Karl Hofer Symposium (1985) "Fotografie zwischen Einfühlung und Distanz" 1984 in Berlin "Postmachina" 1984 in Bologna and Siena "Videomedia" 1982 in Bologna and Verona


(in prep.) together with Roland Posner, Thomas Noll, Reinhard Krüger, Lexicon of Emblematic everyday gestures. Berlin: Berlin-Verlag.  

(in prep.) together with Roland Posner, "The Emergence of Gestures from Body Movements". Published  in: Proceedings of the Congress 'Gestures – Meaning and Use' (Porto 2000).

(in prep.) "The Berlin Dictionary of Everyday Gestures". Published  in: Proceedings of the Congress 'Gestures – Meaning and Use' (Porto 2000).

(in prep.) "The Structure of Dictionary Entries: Results of Empirical Investigations". Published in: Müller, Cornelia and Posner, Roland (eds.), The Semantics and Pragmatics of Everyday Gestures – Proceedings of the Berlin Symposium of April 23-26, 1998. Berlin: Berlin-Verlag.

2000: "Three gestures from the Berlin Dictionary of Everyday Gestures“ (to appear in Proceedings of the Congress ‘Gestures – Meaning and Use’. Porto 2000).

2000: "Über das Auftreten und das Nicht-Auftreten emblematischer Gesten in der Karikatur". Published in: conference volume of  4th internationalen symposium 'Bildsprache – Visualisierung – Diagrammatik'. (Vienna 1999). Institute for Sociosemiotic Studies. Also in  Semiotische Berichte 24 1-4, Wien 2000: 337-356.

2000: "Fotografie als Stütze des historischen/kollektiven Gedächtnisses". In: Bernhard, Jeff, Peter Grzybek, Gloria Withalm (eds.), Modelling of history and culture. From 9th. internationalen symposium of Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Semiotik: University of Graz, November 22-24 1996. Vienna: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Semiotik 2000: 889-902.

1996: "Evolutionary Stages of Provocation". Lecture for  Interdisciplinary Semiotic Symposium 'The emergence of codes and intentions as a basis of sign processes', Odense/Denmark in Oct. 1995. Printed in unpublished anthology of the same name.

1992: Critica della fotografia impura e della precarietà del giudizio fotografico. (Self-published).

1984: Berlin Bologna. Studenten der Hochschule der Künste Berlin HdK fotografieren Bologna. Studenten der Accademia di Belle Arti fotografieren Berlin. Edited by the press office at Berlin Akademy for the Arts HdK.

1982, 1984: catologues of the above-mentioned exhibitions.


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